Apostolic Nuncio:

    Archbishop Paul Fitzpatrick Russell

 The Nuncio is the representative for both Turkey and Turkmenistan, and is a resident of Ankara, Turkey.

In Ashgabat:

Attache for Cultural Affairs:

Fr. Andrzej Madej, OMI

Administrative Attache: Fr. Rafał Chilimoniuk OMI

Priest: Fr. Paweł Szlacheta OMI


 P.O. Box 98

 744000, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Telephone: +993 12 927546

Fax: +993 12 923683

In the Nunciature there is a chapel named “Transfiguration of the Lord”,

which is open to everybody.

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Roman-Catholic Church

Gorogly 20A,

744000 Aşgabat

Tel: +993 12 92 75 46

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Apostolic Nunciature in Turkmenistan

Gorogly 20A,

744000 Aşgabat

e-mail: aszomi@gmail.com

Tel: +993 12 92 75 46

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